So, what do I know that others don't? Well, not that much but picking up on this headline from the @telebusiness there is a suggestion that taxes may rise. Grant Thornton UK have already predicted this may be the case with a focus on the disparity between the taxes paid by the self employed and service companies with those in employment. 

National Insurance would be an easy target and whilst increasing he rate could affect those on lower pay the Chancellor can avoid this by increasing the threshold at which you start to pay NIC. (In fact it would be wonderful if he would simplify taxes by aligning the starting point for all NICs with that for Income Tax - another 'ask' by my firm).

Any tax rises would be on the basis of hypothecation. "We have taken the difficult decision to raise taxes to provide a boost for social care, new free school, to kick-start better focused education on technical skills". You get the picture.

But there is another angle to tax rises in this Budget. It would probably signal an end to speculation of an early General Election. Why? Because the better Chancellors get their tax increases out well before an Election, so that (fingers crossed) they can hand out the giveaways pre-election.