As the political teams climb off their team buses, it's time for the most anticipated match of the season -the kick about with the perennial football which is the headline rate of corporation tax.

The gathered crowds feverishly cry on their teams "higher, higher" and "lower, lower", as the John Motsons of the economic world sweat over their forecast commentaries and realise that prior form doesn't always lead to glory.

Meanwhile the "players" (aka, UK companies) want the game simplified.  The tax rules of the game are now in excess of 17,000 pages and with over 1,000 current reliefs on the statute books, certainty is in short supply and the number of yellow and red card offences is on the increase.

Time to change the rules of the game?  Time to make it more beautiful?  There is a generational opportunity to create a much more level playing field -to create transparency and certainty.

And to wean ourselves off the 30 goal a season dream of sensational headline tax rates or sturdy defenders with the long ball, high rate game.

Simple and beautiful.  And watch the multinational "galacticos" flock in.....