It is a truth universally acknowledged that a technology company, in possession of future plans, must be in want of the best talent.

And therein lies one of the greatest challenges facing the sector in Europe and critically in the UK -the timeline to deliver the volume of talent with native digital skills into these people hungry businesses has shrunk rapidly from long range forecasts to right in fact!

Ever the innovators, the tech giants have started eating into their own supply chains -only this time not for semi-conductors or batteries -rather for creative minds to fuel their future ambitions.

However, the current demand vs supply equation continues to skew massively out of kilter and tech businesses are going to have to keep creative in their bid to plug the skills gap.

A key plank of the UK equation is to get the digital skills agenda front and centre of the minds of parents of school age children and creating the conditions where people trust and recognise that the classic educational choices have been usurped and they need to dispense with their analogue ambitions for their own digital native kids.

Think more Apple and less Austen.