For the fifth time, the Mayor of London has stepped in and used his planning powers to take over a planning application in London to deliver more affordable housing.

The plans in Brentford, Hounslow, are to deliver 427 new homes, 40% of which are affordable.

Our Housing Inquiry research, last updated in January, found that there is an uneven delivery of homes across London - only 13% of London's completions are in outer London boroughs (zones 5 and 6).

This development would be an important step in beginning to redress that balance.

Our research also shows that while planning applications are up, the number of homes given planning permission continues to fall (from 54,941 in 2014 to just 48,024 in 2017).

Yesterday's intervention by the Mayor is a strong message that he is serious about giving the planning permissions to meet his new target of 66,000 homes in London - and moreover, that making this housing affordable is a key priority.