With the four day real estate event in Cannes drawing in over 20,000 people across the globe in full swing, I provide you highlights from our very own networking drinks reception at the Vegaluna Plage where over400 people gathered together to engage in conversations with the key aim to do business together. 

It's fair to say the mood was upbeat with lots of energy in the room and a huge breadth of people present across the whole real estate industry - it presented a great opportunity to network with a wide spectrum of people from all backgrounds. Lots of new contacts were made and although I made introductions on the night, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of clients and new contacts making introductions to me. It's a small world really - the vibe was fantastic and the hours passed really quickly.

As the numbers dwindled and the night drew to a close, have we achieved our goal to make new contacts and importantly, connecting others together to build what we I would call a vibrant group who can collectively work together to help each other do business? It's an absolute yes from me! 

Take a look at these photos from the event and get in touch if you want to hear more from the team and me!