John Giannandrea, Google’s chief of search and artificial intelligence, is on his way over to Apple to help develop Siri.

This move comes just in time for Apple, who have seen the Apple Watch start to demonstrate the same sort of success as the innovation of the iPad and iPhone before it. Apple's move into the smart speaker market has come fashionably (and typically for Apple) late, and Siri's voice technology is lagging behind both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

This move will lay to rest any concern that Apple's technology is becoming outdated. If the quality of Google Assistant's natural language processing is down to Giannandrea then Apple evangelists everywhere will be made that bit more smug by the benefits that are coming their way.

This is important news; with Apple's reach and influence, organisations that haven't yet got onto the VUI (voice user interface) bandwagon risk being left further behind, and those that have will now need to think about getting Siri on board too.