What are you meant to think when you see the following claim:

A book that will change how you think and transform how you live

That's quite a claim for a book that comes in at under 150 pages (plus another 50 pages or so of appendices), but it sits proudly on the back cover of Daniel Pink's Drive.

The big idea behind the book is that motivating people with money simply doesn't work when people have to engage their brains. In fact, he claims that offering a lot of money for creative thinking generally causes performance that's far worse than average - and he backs it up with some fascinating scientific research.

This is a very difficult message to hear when (a) offering rewards for better performance seems like such a sensible idea, and (b) virtually every organisation in every sector in every setting seems to use this approach.

His solution is to offer a generous and fair financial reward package, accompanied by a working culture that fosters people's intrinsic desires to be autonomous, masters of their craft and aligned behind a purpose they believe in.

I'd recommend anyone to read the book, watch this summary video and carefully consider what wisdom can be applied and how.