Philip Hardman was senior tax partner at Grant Thornton and a founder member of the Tax Faculty in 1991.                 

A leading figure in the world of tax, respected and admired not only for his technical knowledge and vision but also for the panache and humour with which he presented, Philip died unexpectedly in January 1993 and an annual lecture series was established the same year to perpetuate his memory.

Each year a leading member of the tax profession, or a prominent figure who is involved in taxation, is invited to present the Hardman Lecture. 

Last night I was privileged to be in the audience as Jill Rutter from the Institute for Government gave a powerful explanation of how we got to  the deal on the table. Business needs certainty and we can adapt to a deal that gives us more of  that. In my own view, if we can get through the next few weeks, and the current deal can be  accepted then we in business need to look to the future. We must press the case very strongly for services including intangibles, professional services and financial services, all areas where the UK is one of the world leading countries, so that  “UK plc” can succeed and thrive in the future.