This week's chaotic political events make an 'accidental' No Deal Brexit more likely than ever: with a failure by MPs to agree anything leading to the UK crashing out of the EU on 29 March with no agreement in place.   Today's summit of EU leaders will agree to ramp up preparations for No Deal.  There are reports today of the UK  government setting up a 24/7 No Deal Crisis Centre. Ireland is stepping up its No Deal planning and governements in France, Netherlands and Germany are passing emergency legislation to manage a No Deal scenario. So how can businesses, charities and public services prepare for No Deal?

I have been working with many businesses and organisations across the UK and Ireland to prepare for No Deal.  Some have very detailed plans and some are implementing them already.  Based on these experiences,  I have produced a summary of how you might plan for No Deal, identifying 'three phases'  of planning and what to look at in each of these. 

Organisations need to develop business continuity plans now, to implement crisis management from 29 March 2019, and to then introduce adjustments to their operating model to reduce costs and grow revenue.   I hope you find this a useful planning framework: