A short Brexit update this week.

The only substantive change from last week is that Brexit Day is now 7 weeks away. 

The two most likely outcomes remain: 

  • No Deal, hard Brexit on 29 March. Lack of  progress in negotiations with the EU and with MPs this week make this more likely than ever.
  • A last minute deal in March, and Brexit Day delayed for a few months until around June. 

It will go down to the wire –  we may not have a decisive vote in parliament or an offer from the EU until mid-March or later. 

What does this mean for you?

Plan for No Deal, which is looking more likely than ever.  There is just enough time left to implement business continuity plans in time for 29 March.  

If your continuity plan is underway, start thinking about the medium and long term of a No Deal business environment and economy: how to reduce costs and improve cashflowattract talent and grow through new offers, markets and acquisitions. 

Our latest quarterly economic briefing includes how Brexit is playing out in markets and what others are doing to prepare: Q1 2019 economic briefing