A quick recap of what’s happening in Brexit Season 1 as we reach the series finale.

Government and MPs are racing against time to find a solution to Brexit in time to meet EU leaders’ deadlines.

Theresa May is trying to get agreement to her Withdrawal Agreement by Friday - the deadline set by EU leaders if there is to then be an automatic extension of the Brexit date to 22 May to allow the legal niceties to all be sorted. She may hold a vote on this at the end of this week and may have to sacrifice herself - agreeing to resign as PM - to get the deal over the line. She is battling against the odds and still has to persuade around 30-40 MPs to drop their opposition.

Meanwhile Oliver Letwin, an MP from the shire of West Dorset, is leading a multiple choice play-day in Parliament today - “indicative votes” - a kind of accelerated decision making to find out what MPs would support if they had to compromise. The group stages of this knock out competition take place today; play offs are on Monday and the final is on Wednesday - deciding what MPs will support if they haven’t already voted for Theresa May’ s Deal.

There may be plenty of high drama, intrigue, farce and slapstick comedy along the way with ministerial resignations, a continued comedy villain/ hero role of Speaker Bercow, and media hyperbole.

What this boils down to is:

  • the vote on Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement will determine whether U.K. leaves EU on 22 May with a transition.
  • if Theresa May loses her vote, the separate indicative votes process will determine whether the U.K. asks the EU for a longer delay to Brexit and if so what option the U.K. seeks to use that extension for.
  • if both these fail by 10 April then the time bomb of no-Deal Brexit will explode on 12 April.